Diary Dates

*On these days children who are members of uniform groups(Guides, Scouts, St Johns etc.) may wear their group�s uniform.  

Mon 24/2/2014 -Inset Day

Tues 04/03/2014 - Travelling Book Club

Wed 05/03/2014 -Mass for Ash Wednesday 10.15am

Thu 06/03/2014 -Parents Evening 6-8pm

Tue 11/03/2014 -Parents Evening 6-8pm

Thu 13/03/2014 - Year 3 Trip to Wisley

Mon 17/03/2014 - Tudor Day Class 5C

Wed 19/03/2014 -Mass for St Joseph's Day 10am

Thu 20/03/2014 - Meeting for Isle of Wight 3.30pm

Tue 25/03/2014 -Roman Day Year 4

Fri 04/03/04/2014 - Way of the Cross 9.30am

Fri 04/04/2014 - End of Term- Finish 2.15pm